Rudy Gobert humiliated by 3 players, laughing and laughing at him!


While battling with the French team during the summer campaign of Vincent Collet’s men, Rudy Gobert could expect a little peace of mind from the United States. Failed, since 3 former renowned players decided to tackle him without restraint. One more time…

As he approaches the bar of 10 years in the NBA, Rudy Gobert had to resolve it: for reasons that are not always understandable, he is not frankly unanimous in the United States. Shaquille O’Neal is one of his most ardent critics, but in general, many players seem to take malicious pleasure in looking for lice in the Frenchman, who nevertheless continues to chart his course and build an impressive CV in the great league.

This summer Wolves’ new pivot was spotted in great physical shape in several photos, and he is currently with the French team, as in every campaign, in anticipation of the Euro. A completely honorable program, but not necessarily to the taste of Tracy McGrady, Gilbert Arenas, Matt Barnes and Chris Johnson. In the last issue of the pocast « No Chill » of Agent Zero, the 4 men are indeed severely attacked Gobert. Judge instead:

Tracy McGrady, Gilbert Arenas and Matt Barnes knock out Rudy Gobert

Matt Barnes: ‘Couldn’t teach Rudy Gobert to catch the ball and push Steph Curry back to post’

McGrady, hilarious: « But bro, that’s what I wonder: what does he do in the summer? Serious ! Like, what’s his workout? »

Chris Johnson: “He should either know how to shoot shots or have even a hook, at least an offensive movement”.

McGrady: “One year, I was very angry with Rudy because the Jazz were playing against the Rockets, he had Chris Paul defending him at the post, and he couldn’t do anything! Nothing. I was mad. Brother, you’re 8’10 and you’ve got a leader on you. Except he had no moves. But what does he do in the summer? »

Arenas: “Anyway, it’s simple. If you can’t shoot when you arrive in the NBA, and 10 years later you still can’t shoot, what did you do during the offseason?

McGrady: “Really, having no offensive skills, I can’t believe it”.

The most Anglophile among you can watch this moment of debate, or rather Gobert’s lynching, in the original version below:

Rudy Gobert’s ears were ringing, and that’s an understatement… The Frenchman is used to it, and there’s no doubt that he will once again draw extra motivation from these criticisms for the big season ahead of him. Hoping, and we wish him ardently, that the native of Saint-Quentin will silence some critics.


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