Rudy Gobert gunned down after his threat to the league!

New member of Minnesota, Rudy Gobert hopes to be able to burst the screen on the collective level. This is also why he issued a big warning to the rest of the NBA… Except that his media release made the fans laugh more than anything else.

It’s a new chapter that opens for Rudy Gobert, who is no longer a Jazz player after nine years with Salt Lake City. It is the Timberwolves who are now his new family, the latter having struck a big blow on the transfer market by acquiring his services. The competition may in particular fear his future duet with Karl-Anthony Towns, and the two men have already engaged in a viral exchange after the arrival of the Frenchman.

After several years of failing to go far in the playoffs with the Mormons, The Stifle Tower hopes to be able to take a step forward with its new team. With a supermax contract and three-time defender of the year, now is the time for him to find success as a team. He also made no secret of it during his introductory press conference, when he was asked about his expectations. His answer was clear and clear:

I came here to lead this team to the Finals.

A startling statement to say the least, and he also went further on this subject in the process. While Minnesota fans will obviously appreciate the confidence displayed by their new star recruit, the rest of the league remains highly skeptical of the franchise’s collective success in 2022-23. The workforce is promising, but from there to go to the Finals? Few believe it and as a result, Gobzilla had the right to a rather brutal blowback:

Rudy Gobert’s ambition makes fans laugh

He talks about the finals in Cancun

He is going to buy tickets for the Finals for his whole team. What a guy.

Rudy Gobert has announced the color, but NBA fans don’t really believe he will be able to walk the talk with the Timberwolves. Let’s hope for him that he succeeds because otherwise, it is the supreme humiliation that awaits him.

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