Rudy Gobert goes beyond a legend, he reacts!

Ultra-productive this season, Rudy Gobert keeps writing his name in the Utah history books. Recently, he even surpassed a big name in the franchise in a prestigious ranking! What make him react in a very classy way on social networks.

Third in the West, the Jazz, however, suffered a small setback against Memphis. The reception of the Grizzlies thus ended in a short defeat (119-118), the men of Quin Snyder not resisting the trio Ja Morant – Jaren Jackson Jr. – Desmond Bane. With 86 points in combined, the three young nuggets proved impossible to stop by the residents of the VivinSmart Home Arena. An inevitably frustrating result for Rudy Gobert and his teammates.

Nevertheless, the pivot did not have much to be ashamed of, being the only holder to finish with a positive +/- ratio. On top of that, he lived up to his nickname of Stifle Tower, adding five blocks to his 23 points and 15 rebounds. A very large line of stats on his part, he who more and more often connects the performances of the genre. What will perhaps console him is that it allowed him to make a mark in Mormon history.

Rudy Gobert third all-time blocker from Utah

With the match against Memphis, he reached the 1254 career block mark. All have been made in Jazz, since his draft in 2013. However, thanks to this consistency, he took advantage of the meeting to enter the podium of the category, within the franchise. He thus passed Greg Ostertag in the standings, taking third place on his own. A hell of a accomplishment, which he humbly commented on on Twitter.

What a trip 🙏🏽🔮🙏🏽 to the next

A great feat indeed, because Ostertag was anything but a lambda player from Utah. Rarely titular, the colossus of 2m18 was however one of the darlings of the local public. Member of the double finalist team in 1997 and 1998, he also lived the last years of the Stockton-Malone duo, the heyday of the franchise. With 11 cons one evening in January 1998, he still holds one of the biggest performances in the field. A tireless worker and anything but obvious to overcome.

To reach the first place held by Mark Eaton and his 3,064 blocks in the Jazz jersey, Rudy Gobert still has a lot of work ahead of him. This does not prevent him from being a member of the Top 3 of his franchise today. A performance to salute!

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