Rudy Gobert drops the team that will be champion!

Eliminated from the playoffs with the Jazz, Rudy Gobert closely follows the rest of the competition. The Frenchman even lent himself to the game of predictions, since he outright revealed his future champion on Twitter. A real gamble for Rudy, but he is visibly confident, and we can understand that. After all, the latest result proves him right in this postseason.

If he is no longer in the playoffs with the Jazz, Rudy Gobert is not the type to leave the world of the orange ball, not immediately anyway. The Frenchman continues to follow the matches carefully, including the two on Sunday evening. After all, we’re talking about two Game 7s, each time blowouts. Luka Doncic destroyed the Suns on his sidewhile the Celtics got the job done against the Bucks, much to the dismay of Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Rudy Gobert launches his bet for the future champion!

It was this match that must have pleased Rudy, who spoke shortly after on Twitter. Indeed, Boston outscored Milwaukee 109-81, who couldn’t do anything and with too weak a cast around the Greek Freak. The Celtics will therefore see the color of the conference final, against the Heat. But Gobert is convinced that it is Jayson Tatum’s teammates who will emerge victorious.

I see Boston taking it all this year.

Gobert is certain the Celtics have what it takes to dominate the league. Is it surprising? A few months ago, perhaps, but not really anymore. With a solid defense and with a Jayson Tatum in MVP mode, the franchise can dream of a big run, without even mentioning Jaylen Brown or Robert Williams in the racket. A real good team, which will have its chance against Miami, but be careful.

We’re talking about two big defenses in this league that are known to be very difficult to break down. Can Tatum get the upper hand against Jimmy Butler and company? That remains to be seen, but given his background, the Celtics can believe it:

Jayson Tatum knocked out a God and a Freak in the same playoffs.

Jayson Tatum in these playoffs: 28.3 points, 5.6 rebounds and 6.1 assists. He is on his way to becoming the first Celtic to average 28/5/5 in the playoffs.

Jayson Tatum in fusion, the Celtics continue their journey in the Eastern Conference, to the delight of Rudy Gobert. The Frenchman is sure of himself: this is the team that will win the title in a few weeks. Many will quite agree with Gobzilla.

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