Rudy Gobert dislodged from his private preserve!

Without doubt author of his best season in his career, Rudy Gobert can aim even higher than in the past with Jazz. However, he may well have to put aside one of the good habits he has acquired in recent years!

Will he finally be entitled to a little rest, after playing the 37 games of his franchise at the start of the season? Hit in the shoulder according to the injury postponement of his franchise, Rudy Gobert could in any case miss the meeting this Wednesday, against Denver. If he did indeed have to forfeit because of his articulation, the Jazz would certainly suffer.

Utah is particularly dependent on its star pivot this season, as he is more dominant than ever. Whether in scoring (15.5 points per game), rebounding (15.1 on average) or in marksmanship (70.6%), Gobzilla is getting closer or surpassing his career-highs. Therefore, faced with a Nikola Jokic who does not ask so much to shine, his possible absence should be expensive.

Rudy Gobert dislodged from his throne for the DPOY

In addition to the simple statistical aspect, Gobert remains essential to his team on the defensive level. An area in which he has always excelled, as evidenced by his 3 Defender of the Year trophies. Moreover, it would not be surprising if the French pocketed the award for the 4th time in view of his performances. However, in the eyes of bookmakers, a player would be ahead of him in this race, and not least!

Draymond Green (1.87) is favorite to win the NBA Defender of the Year title, as he started the season with odds of 17.00.

Rudy Gobert was the inaugural favorite with odds of 4.60, and currently ranks second (4.00).

Certainly disappointed if this ranking were to be maintained in the coming months, Gobert would not however have much to complain about. After all, Draymond green stands as the defensive leader of the best league team in the field. Already crowned in 2017, the big man of the Warriors could therefore achieve a double blow, he who already felt he deserved the trophy last year !

Still well placed in the fight for the Defender of the Year trophy, Rudy Gobert is still behind Draymond Green according to bookmakers. It is up to him and his team to reverse the trend in the months to come!

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