Rudy Gobert continues longest streak in NBA history

Things are better for the Jazz, who after a series of 4 defeats in 5 games got back on the right track with 3 authoritative victories against the Kings, Sixers and Raptors. That night they dominated Sacramento in the Californian capital by making the difference after returning from the locker room in the wake of a very good duo Donovan mitchell (26 points at 11/22) – Rudy Gobert (21 points at 8/12 and 14 rebounds) who combined 31 points after the break, well helped by Jordan clarkson.

But at the start of the match it is Mike Conley who set the tone, author of 12 points to 5/6 in the first quarter. He was very aggressive, as the Jazz would like to see him more often.

“Frankly, Mike Conley dominated the game,” said Quin Snyder. “It says a lot about the player he is and dominates the game by taking 4 shots. A lot of players contributed, but in my mind he is the man of the match with the way he played, selflessly, he made the game easier. « 

“Mike is doing the right thing,” says Rudy Gobert. “He reads what the defense offers him and he takes advantage of it. When he plays, we want him to be aggressive and to try to shoot first. It was huge.

It’s all Jazz who play fair with a 3rd game in a row at least 50% shooting including 40% behind the arc for an average of 120.7 points and 27 assists, while capturing 10 offensive rebounds on average. Rudy Gobert is no stranger to this last stat, he who captured 7 offensive rebounds last night. Then with an 8/12 shooting, it is now a crazy series of 51 games in a row with at least 50% shooting. It is quite simply the longest series in history

“We play differently collectively,” explains Rudy Gobert. “We circulate the ball better. When we circulate the ball better, I get it more and I also have opportunities to take more rebounds. This is the team we want to be. It’s hard to defend and it’s fun to play like that. « 

The French is 15.3 points at 71.9% (number 1 in the NBA), 15.1 rebounds (number 1 in the NBA) and 1.8 against per game, his best career start to the season. He seems to have passed a course offensively, much more solid when he catches the ball at the head of the racket, more in control either to go to score by attacking the circle or to come out for an open player on the outside.

And he’s still as valuable in defense as ever, a defense that has been raising the tone lately after a bad period. On their series of 3 successes, they only cash 99.7 points per game, limiting their opponents to less than 45%.

“I think we had good communication on pick & roll,” says Quin Snyder. “We didn’t allow a lot of offensive rebounds. Our full backs did a good job on the defensive rebound. And if we can do that, we can run in transition. « 


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