Rudy Gobert breaks the cash silence on the galleys in Minnesota!

French star pivot Rudy Gobert shook the NBA community with his latest performance against the Memphis Grizzlies

Minnesota Timberwolves (DR)

Confirmed candidates for the title following the arrival of Rudy Gobert, the Timberwolves remain far from the top of the Western Conference for the time being. An observation on which the French star pivot has expressed himself without filter in recent hours!

Seventh in the West last year (46-36), they could not resist the Grizzlies during the first round of the playoffs. Still, there was hope in the ranks of the Timberwolves after a most promising season. History to capitalize on the latter, the front office of the franchise was keen to strike a blow on the transfer market, and therefore attached the services of Rudy Gobert.

Given the price paid to snatch the French pivot from the clutches of Jazz, Minnesota was logically eagerly awaited for the recovery. Even if it means not giving Chris Finch’s men time to adapt to the new roster. With their current mixed record of 12-12, the latter tend to disappoint, and pay the price on the networks. All this therefore deserved a clarification on their part.

Rudy Gobert remains optimistic for the Timberwolves

Precious and clutch during his last outing with Wolves, Gobert has thus momentarily silenced the many detractors he possesses. At the same time, he made the best possible preparations before returning to the Jazz floor this Friday. The perfect opportunity for him to take stock of his first quarter of the season at Minny, reported by Dave McMenamin in the columns ofESPN :

So far, I love the process. Obviously, we face adversity, but this adversity does not surprise me in a new context and with a younger team. It’s one of the things you have to deal with when there’s change, when you change your environment and discover a new place after nine years in the same one.

I’m living in the moment, and I’m really, really excited about our team. I can’t wait to follow our progress, and I know it will translate into a lot of wins this season.

Despite the criticisms he can read here and there after each underperformance of his team, Gobzilla does not lose hope, and remains convinced that he and his teammates will be able to reverse the trend.

Their calendar lends itself perfectly to this, since the trip to Utah will launch a road trip which will see them face the Blazers twice, then the Thunder. Good tests for a group whose confidence gauge is just waiting to be filled, just like that of Gobert. The Stifle Tower has also warned that the best was yet to come for him on an individual level !

Not one to give up at the first obstacle encountered on his way, Rudy Gobert maintains his faith in the Timberwolves, whose results objectives will eventually be met according to him. That’s all you can wish for!

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