Rudy Gobert already endangered by a Timberwolves star?!

Author of remarkable debut under his new colors, Rudy Gobert had a second more complicated outing with the Timberwolves. One of his star teammates has already questioned his coming through a viral statement!

This meeting was undoubtedly one of those he had circled on his calendar at the dawn of the start of the season. Nearly three months after his departure from the Jazz, Rudy Gobert found his former franchise this Friday at Target Center, under the colors of Minnesota. Unfortunately for him, this reunion did not go in the best of waysand that is an understatement.

Anthony Edwards and Rudy Gobert incompatible?

Unable to avoid the defeat of his family (126-132), Gobert certainly did not weigh as much as he would have liked defensively against his former team. It was enough for doubt to begin to settle in the Timberwolves. At the end of the evening, Anthony Edwards notably indirectly questioned the choice of his leaders to go get Rudy during the offseason:

Here’s a HUGE point for Wolves to address:
Edwards: “The smaller we play, the better off I feel. »
Question: How can you deal with Rudy and KAT?
“I have to find the solution. It goes through little things. I will find the solution. It won’t take long. »

A fan of power drives and large spaces, Ant’ logically sees the field shrinking with two big men at his side. Hence the paradoxical aspect and the difficulty for him to evolve with Towns and Gobert this season. Will Chris Finch take this incendiary outing into account, and cut the playing time of one or even both of his star interiors? In any case, the debate seems open:

All the problem of the season is there. By playing big, you put Rudy and KAT in good shape, but you minimize Edwards’ role. By playing small in the clutch moments, people wonder why you sacrificed so much in a trade for a 2m16 All-Star if it was to not use him late in the game. There are still a lot of things to settle.

As in any team that has just brought in a new star, some adjustments are still required at the Timberwolves. While waiting for these to be done, Anthony Edwards could have done without this declaration weakening Rudy Gobert!

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