Rudy Gobert 2nd in a huge all-time ranking!

Always so impressive on the side of the Jazz, Rudy Gobert continues to chart his course in the NBA. So much so that the native of Saint-Quentin has entered 2nd position in a prestigious all-time ranking, ahead of some of the biggest names in history …

Efficiency. That’s the word to describe Rudy Gobert’s production with Utah for many years, and more specifically this season. Sometimes preserved and “only” used 31.6 minutes per game on average, the Frenchman succeeds in a very clean exercise after 22 games: 15.3 points (2nd highest career total, 14.4 rebounds (highest total), and 2.1 cons on average.

To all this, we must add to an address to the incredible shoot: 73.9%, an insolent figure that pulverizes its previous best mark of 69.3%, established in 2019-2020. Very skilful throughout his career, The Stifle Tower is also in 2nd place in the ranking of players with the highest percentage in shooting in the history of the league – the proof below.

Rudy Gobert in the top 3 of the best shooting percentages

Basketball-Reference (DR-

Obviously, Gobert and the other players in this ranking owe this percentage so high to their status as big man. In the case of the Frenchman, no less than 80.2% of his career shots were taken between 0 and 1 meter from the basket!

However, many would be close to the 65% mark if it were so easy to display such success, and all the credit therefore goes to the backbone of Jazz. For the occasion, here are some highlights of the multiple Defensive Player of The Year:

If DeAndre Jordan will probably be hard to go for, Rudy Gobert can hope to consolidate this huge 2nd place during the rest of his career. Hats off.

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