Rubiales accused of having organized orgies with the money of the Football Federation

According to Juan Rubiales, former chief of staff of the Spanish Football Federation chaired by his nephew Luis Rubiales, money from the RFEF would have been used for personal purposes and in particular for the organization of orgies.

Scandal in Spain, two months before the World Cup. According to the voluntary declaration before the anti-corruption prosecution of Juan Rubiales, former chief of staff of the Spanish federation and uncle of its president Luis Rubiales, fine parties were held in early 2020 by the Spanish leader with money from the RFEF.

« A group of eight or ten young girls were invited »

The very serious daily El Mundo relays this Thursday the testimony of Juan Rubiales, who indicates that his nephew and current president of the Spanish federation organized « a party in a private chalet in Salobreña at the beginning of 2020 » for « a few days of work » . But according to him, this rental had taken place above all for the pleasure of his team, while Luis Rubiales would have « paid the expenses with the company card of the RFEF ». « A group of eight or ten young girls were invited by the former footballer and friend of President Nené » indicates the former employee, recently sacked, in his statement.

That’s not all since the president of the Spanish federation, already targeted by an investigation about the Supercup affair, is also cited for using RFEF money for other personal purposes. His uncle was said to have been fired after refusing to help him get out funds to « bring money from his father » by making « money come out of the federation ».

The federation denounces « absolutely false » accusations

Detective services in August 2019 were also billed to the RFEF, even as Rubiales was investigating David Aganzo, president of the AFE (the Spanish footballers’ union), doubting his practices. These accusations, deemed « absolutely false » by the federation to El Mundo, could cause a stir, like the latest shocking revelations about the FFF.

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