Royals reign atop MLB, edging Dodgers and Giants

What a start to the season once again for the Kansas City Royals! After 21 games played, the team sits atop the MLB with a 14-7 record. The Dodgers and Giants (15-8) follow closely behind, however.

Los Angeles is in a lot of trouble these days. The team have lost six of their last eight games and in the last two meetings they have left 28 runners on the trails. This lack of opportunism must be corrected as quickly as possible.

Dave Roberts’ squad lost 5-3 last night to the poor Cincinnati Reds, who, after a strong start to the season, are now tied for last in the Central Division, tied with the Cubs of Chicago.

Another surprise in major baseball, I told you before, the Giants are second in the West Division of the National and the entire MLB. They have the same record as the Dodgers and the club have won seven of their last nine games.

At the start of the season, it was believed to be a fight between the Dodgers and the Padres for the title of this division, but if San Francisco comes along, the race will be even more interesting.

Back to Mike Matheny’s Royals. They have won their last five games and their offense is 13th in the league in points scored per game. The 13th place is not that high, but considering where several experts had placed their attack at the start of the season, it is more than respectable.

Hopefully the Giants and Royals’ strong start to the season continues and both teams cause a surprise heading into the playoffs in October.

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