Roustan really skeptical about OM’s chances in the Champions League

Didier Roustan returned yesterday in L’Équipe du Soir to the probable arrivals of Jordan Veretout and Alexis Sanchez at OM. The journalist is rather skeptical about the sporting guarantees provided by the two players and is worried about the next Champions League campaign.

For Didier Roustan, it is not the arrivals of Jordan Veretout and Alexis Sanchez that will solve the problems of Olympique de Marseille. According to him, the arrival of his two players does not bring any certainty. The journalist expressed doubts about the ability of Marseille to make a good run in the Champions League. He wonders in particular about the delay that has been taken with the change of coach and the difficult summer preparation which does not offer sporting guarantees when the season resumes.

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“A Champions League-level team must be capable of qualifying until the end of the group stage. You have to fight with the other teams in your group to qualify. Things also depend on the group in which the Marseilles fall. This year OM will be in hat 4, that announces very big opponents. Recently Lille was in hat 4 and had a more lenient draw than PSG. Everything will depend on the draw. Even with the arrivals of Jordan Veretout and Alexis Sanchez, there is far too much delay at OM. There are a lot of problems at the moment and the first Champions League game is coming very quickly. I have very big uncertainties. It may be that the Marseilles still take a monumental slap. Jordan Veretout, he’s a good player, but I’m afraid that in the event of a negative dynamic, he will be dragged down with the rest of the team. For Alexis Sanchez, it’s a bit like Aaron Ramsey. It’s a name that looks good on paper. There is still the somewhat crazy South American side of the player who can go well with the public at the Vélodrome. The player likes these atmospheres, he will be at home. I think he will be more comfortable at OM than at Manchester United. The collective must be able to get going in a general way. If it doesn’t take, you don’t know where it can end. Kamara’s departure did a lot of harm to OM. It will be a very big lack in the balance of the team. When you see the summer recruits, there is no sporting guarantee. » Didier Roustan – Source: La Chaine L’Équipe (04/08/2022)

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