Rooney’s club files for bankruptcy


The English club of Derby County, which had been in great financial difficulty for several months, officially filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday.

Wayne Rooney, Derby County

As expected for a few days, the English second division club coached by Wayne Rooney was forced to make this heavy decision, the sporting consequence of which is immediate. This bankruptcy involves an automatic withdrawal of twelve points in the ranking.

 » I can confirm that Andrew Andronikou, Carl Jackson and I have been appointed co-directors of Derby County Football Club from this day forward.. Our immediate goals are to ensure that the club can play all of its Championship games this season and to find investors to safeguard the club and the jobs of its employees.“, Explained Andrew Hosking, commissioned to save the club. This withdrawal of points places Derby County in last place in the Championship with – 2 points. The race to maintain promises to be perilous.


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