Ronaldo expects ‘tough battles’ in play-offs

Cristiano Ronaldo, who dreams of playing his fifth World Cup with the Portuguese team in Qatar, told ESPN Brazil that he was preparing to deliver « tough battlesin play-offs. « It would be very sad not to reach our goal, the World Cup. But I believe we will be there. In football as in life, we go through difficult times, but we eventually recover“, he said in the second part of this interview broadcast Thursday evening.

Portugal, who finished second in their group in the European qualifiers, inherited a tough play-off draw, first with a game against Turkey on 24 March. If they win, the Portuguese will play their ticket to Qatar against the winner of the match between Italy and North Macedonia.

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Obviously a disappointed between Portugal and Italy

« We know that we are going to fight difficult battles, first against Turkey. And if we win, I think we will face Italy. We’ll see. In March we will be ready, it will be a battle, and it will be beautiful to see for football fans“said the Manchester United striker.

One thing is however acquired: between Portugal and Italy, the last two European champions, there will necessarily be a disappointed who will not go to Qatar from November 21 to December 18. « Life is like that, there is no perfect scenario. We have time left, we must take advantage of it to be ready in Marchsummed up the five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

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