Ronaldo « betrayed » by his teammates?

Media365 editorial staff, published on Tuesday, September 28, 2021 at 5:45 p.m.

For Paulo Futre, the mixed passage of Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus Turin would be due to his former teammates.

Cristiano Ronaldo left Juventus last month to return to Manchester United. The feelings about his passage in Piedmont are quite mixed. There are some who put forward his statistical record to argue that he made a success of his experience in Italy, and others point to the decline of the Old Lady over the period in question to evoke its insufficient impact. A certain Paulo Futre was asked to give his opinion on the subject. As a Portuguese, the latter naturally sided with those who defend CR7. For him, it was not his compatriot who was not up to the challenge, but those around him on the pitch.

« Ronaldo has always done his duty »

 » It’s easy to blame Cristiano, but in the previous two years, in the games where they were eliminated against Ajax and against Lyon, he had scored, doing his duty every time, underlined the ex-Lusitanian star during an intervention for the Milan fan page. It was his teammates who betrayed him. The first year at Juve, he also scored a hat-trick against Atletico, reversing the course of this double confrontation. But the blame is simple, as happened with Messi at Barcelona for the eliminations against Rome and Liverpool. « 

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