Ronald Acuna Jr. is shopping for an MVP title


Right now, the Atlanta Braves are the best team in major league baseball.

Unsurprisingly, the formation managed by Brian Snitker sits at the top of its division and plays inspired and consistent baseball. Among the reasons explaining the success of the Braves, a name is found on everyone’s lips and it is that of Ronald Acuna Jr.

The Braves right fielder is on his way to winning the title of MVP in the National thanks to an exceptional season.

The 25-year-old star player is having fun and his stats are as impressive as his smile. Acuna Jr. loves being on the baseball diamond and it shows as seen at the recent All-Star Game as well as the 2023 World Classic.

His attitude and skills are praised by his teammates who pay tribute to him game after game.

Yesterday, Acuna Jr. and the Braves humiliated the Chicago White Sox 9-0 for their 61st win this season.

The prolific outfielder could hit 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases in 2023, which very few players have managed to date. In fact, only four athletes have reached this mark in the history of the sport.

Considering Acuna Jr. has already surpassed the 40 stolen bases mark as of today (he has 42), he might even be able to push the limits by going 40-60 or 40 -70, who knows?

Major League Baseball’s new rules are making the sport more exciting this season, but players like Ronald Acuna Jr. and Shohei Ohtani are pushing the boundaries considerably.

Brian Snitker underlined the maturity of his young player when he declined the invitation of the organizers of the home run contest in order not to aggravate the injury he suffered last season. According to Snitker, the decision was not dictated by the team, but entirely up to the athlete.

The Braves have several dominant players in their ranks, but Ronald Acuna Jr. has shown this season that he is capable of moving to another level and he should logically be rewarded for his efforts by receiving the title of MVP.

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