Romain Grosjean deemed too aggressive by some drivers

According to Graham Rahal, who was hooked by Romain Grosjean several times during the Alabama Grand Prix, some drivers share his opinion and believe that the Frenchman is too aggressive on the track.

The Alabama Grand Prix, which took place last Sunday, was marked by the battle between Romain Grosjean and Graham Rahal. With three loops to go and after chasing his opponent for several laps, the French pilot finally went on the attack. After several attempts, Romain Grosjean managed to take the lead. However, he hit Graham Rahal twicewhich did not please the American pilot at all…

Graham Rahal tackles Romain Grosjean

After the Alabama Grand Prix, the American pilot was questioned about the incident. very hot, he made quite strong remarks against the former Formula 1 driver. Graham Rahal believes that Romain Grosjean is much too aggressive on the track and affirms thathe’s not the only one to think so. « I knew Romain was going to dive late, I had already been warned that he was doing this. I’m frustrated because it’s not the first time. In St. Pete he hit everyone he could hit We get here and he hits Rossi, he hits Herta, he hits me. At some point you’re gonna have to clean up. As another pilot told me, you don’t teach an old monkey to do grimaces, and that’s kind of the reputation of his whole career in Europe. We’re quickly learning his reputation here. If the race direction don’t want to do anything, then they won’t do anything, but when we get him out, they would better not do anything. In the past, I’ve been penalized for much less than that, » he angrily told NBC.

Romain Grosjean responds to the accusations

Charges against which Romain Grosjean was forced to justify himself. « Yes, we touched twice, but it was a good race. Barber is a very good circuit but it’s very hard to overtake, especially when there is a train. If there is no one in front, we can try a different trajectory, but there we were all following each other so it was quite difficult. We touch a little here, then there we touch again. It’s IndyCar, it’s wheel against wheel. I braked late, like him, and he had a little more grip on the outside, I went a little far in the corner. But it was a small touch and it was fine, » he said. -he explains.

Romain Grosjean finished the Alabama Grand Prix in 7th place, just ahead of Graham Rahal.

Published on 05/05/2022 Updated 05/05/2022

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