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In Cannes (R3) tomorrow (5 p.m.), Rodez (L2) will want to qualify to hope to face in a small month a formation evolving in the elite.

Current 8th in Ligue 2 and winners of three of their last four league matches, the Ruthenians are moving to Cannes tomorrow to play the 8th round of the Coupe de France, with almost all the lights going green.

A short week before receiving Nîmes in front of its audience (Friday at 9 p.m.), the band at Laurent Peyrelade will want to pass this stage without a hitch at a National 3 club (three divisions away) to see further. The next round more exactly and the 32nd finals synonymous with the entry into the running of clubs playing in L1, the weekend of December 18-19. An ambition evoked for example by the Rouergat defender and double scorer in the previous round, Joris Chougrani: « We have a small squad, but that’s not why we can’t play for the Cup. The objective is to challenge a League club 1. Before adding, be careful: But first you have to pass the next round. « Cautious because the Cannes inhabitants are in good shape at the moment, current runners-up and remaining on a 1-0 success in the derby against OGCN II.

Chougrani hit in a thigh

But especially cautious vis-à-vis the difficulties that the Raf had to get rid of Blavozy in the previous round (1-2): « We did not respect the opponent, we were inside, we were playing at two per hour« Said the defender – absent this week in training because he was hit in a thigh – about the first half hour, before he and his family regained color and overturned the match. »We will have to remember our bad start, it must be a warning for what will await us in the next round « , corroborated Peyrelade’s deputy, Emerick Darbelet.

Finally, it should be noted that in addition to very uncertain Chougrani, Alan Kérouédan and Clément Depres should also miss the meeting on the Cote-d’Azur. Because although having resumed individually at the beginning of the week, they did not take part yesterday in the collective morning session.

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