Rodez goalkeeper victim of racist insults at the Stadium


During the meeting between Toulouse Football Club (TFC) and Rodez Aveyron Football (RAF), Monday, December 13, a Toulouse spectator made racist remarks against the Ruthenian goalkeeper, Lionel Mpasi. The TFC apologized and denounces these comments.

On two occasions, racist remarks erupted from the Toulouse Stadium, Monday, December 13, during the Ligue 2 meeting between TFC and Rodez Aveyron Football, from Brice Taton turn. Insults intended for the Ruthenian goalkeeper, Lionel Mpasi, towards the end of the match.

« I am angry, even disgusted. I had a hunch when I saw the reaction of the Rodez goalkeeper. I told myself that something bad happened« said lhe president of the TFC, Damien Comolli.

The Toulouse club apologized to the player and the RAF presidency denouncing in the evening, through a press release, these actions.

The club strongly condemns these actions and any form of discrimination. The identification of the individual involved is in progress and the club will initiate all necessary legal procedures.

Toulouse Football Club

Press release, Monday 13 November

Research is underway to identify the author of these unacceptable words. If he is brought back to justice, he risks up to one year in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.


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