Rocket League welcomes Ferrari until September 6

No you’re not dreaming, you’ll be able to get laid with a Ferrari in Rocket League. Moreover, it is not just any luxury car that will be available but the 296 GTB!

Rocket League & Ferrari:

The latter is available from today until September 6th. So you won’t have to wait long to acquire it. It is available in a pack that costs 2000 credits. The latter includes:

However, the developers remind that the items included in this pack can only be equipped on the Ferrari 296 GTB. Additionally, the Ferrari 296 GTB cannot be customized with content from another brand.

Finally, if you like the brand and you don’t have 2000 credits to have the car, the Rocket League team has thought of you. Indeed, a player banner in the colors of Ferrari is available to everyone, and that for free.

More information on upcoming September releases:

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