Roberto Martinez after Belgium’s defeat against the Blues: « Very cruel to lose this match »

Roberto Martinez, Belgium coach, after the 3-2 defeat against the Blues in the League of Nations: “Our first half was really extraordinary. We were so confident and so easy. In the second, we were a little too emotional, maybe we were thinking a little too much about the final, about qualifying. We didn’t do what we had to do. We let France come back to the score. She had the energy to score one last goal.

« We must applaud the investment of the players over this first period »

But I still find it very cruel to lose this match like that, in the 90th minute, given the first period we achieved, which was of very high quality. It is really very hard. However, we must applaud the investment of the players in this first period. And it’s a good time for us now to show our resilience in the third place game against Italy. In thirteen months, there will be the World Cup and each match must be an opportunity to show our level. « 

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