Roberto Mancini’s regrets against Switzerland

With less than three months to play in the knockout play-offs for the 2022 World Cup, Italy holds its breath and fears a probable final against Portugal, which confirms the future absence of one of the last two European champions. at the next World Cup in Qatar. In an interview given to Sky Sports, the coach of the Squadra Azzurra Roberto Mancini returned to the failed course in qualifying against Switzerland, who knew how to take his ticket to the competition, but does not lose hope for the fate of his selection.

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“There are regrets, but that’s football, that’s sport. Sometimes you deserve to win and you don’t, we deserved to end the round much sooner. We let ourselves go a bit and now we have to roll up our sleeves and do a great job in both games. But I remain optimistic, just as I knew that our group with Switzerland would be difficult. I thought we were going to pass, but I knew it would be difficult. The game in Basel was dominated but that’s football; fortunately, we still have this chance and we must do everything to go to Qatar”

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