Roberto Mancini’s mother destroys the Italian selection

The mother of Squadra Azzurra coach Roberto Mancini was very critical of her son’s team after Italy’s elimination from the play-offs for the 2022 World Cup against North Macedonia (0-1). Marianna Puolo, Mancini’s mother thinks her son should have recalled Mario Balotelli. “Yesterday could have gone better, but that’s football, sometimes things are good and sometimes things are bad. We had the game in our hands but the attack wasn’t great. I would have called Balotelli because he has incredible physical strength and in front of goal no one can stop him. »explained the mother of the 57-year-old Italian coach on Radio Uno.

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The Italian was also quite critical of some Nazionale players, notably against Chelsea midfielder Jorginho who missed three penalties during the qualifying phase. “Unfortunately, mistakes like Jorginho’s cost us. I don’t want to point fingers because he certainly didn’t do it on purpose, but if you miss three penalties…”said Marianna Puolo.

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