Roberto Luongo to play in 2023 NHL All-Star Game next month in Florida

Longtime Florida Panthers goaltender Roberto Luongo will participate in the 2023 NHL All-Star Game hosted by the Panthers at FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Fla. on February 3.

Luongo, who was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2022, will compete as a « celebrity goaltender » in the Great Clips NHL Breakaway Challenge.

Alumnus of 11 seasons with the Panthers, Luongo is the only player whose jersey number is retired by the team. He holds the Panthers franchise records for most wins, shutouts and games played in both a single season and a career.

While Luongo will compete in one event of the competition, five elite female hockey players will make appearances throughout the evening. Team USA forwards Alex Carpenter and Hilary Knight will be joined at Sunrise by Canadian stars Sarah Nurse, Rebecca Johnston and Emily Clark.

There are seven events scheduled to take place at 2023 NHL All-Star Skills, with the following three being completely new to this year’s competition:

Corporate NHL Brilliance: Located on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, this event features eight players divided into four teams of two. Players must hit all targets before attempting to dunk their opponents, with the winner being whoever dunks their opponents first.

Chipotle NHL Pitch ‘n Puck: Players combine their hockey and golf skills on a par-4 golf hole with an island green. Six players will participate, with the winner being the one who manages to sink the puck/ball into the hole with the fewest strokes using a combination of hockey and golf strokes. If there is a tie, the longest route determines the winner.

Check out NHL Tendy Tandem: Eight goaltenders will work in tandem, one shooting and the other in net (Central vs Pacific and Atlantic vs Metro divisions). A division’s shooting goaltender will take a shot from a designated mark and will be awarded three points if the shot goes in the hole, two if it hits the target in the net, and zero if it misses the net. Play continues until all pucks have been fired and is repeated for the second pairing of goaltenders, and the goaltender tandem with the most points wins.

Rounding out the list of events are the Upper Deck NHL Fastest Skater, GEICO NHL’s Hardest Kick, Great Clips NHL Breakaway Challengeand Honda NHL Marksmanship – all returning from previous skill competitions. The winner of each event will receive $30,000.

The 2023 NHL All-Star Weekend will conclude with the 3-on-3 tournament, featuring teams from each of the NHL’s four divisions, on February 4.

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