Robert Williams III will be able to return to the playoffs!

When you suffer from a torn meniscus, and depending on the size of the lesion, there are two types of operation: either you suture the damaged part, or you cut it. The doctors opted for the second solution for the left knee of Robert WilliamsIIIand his downtime will only be four to six weeks.

This is good news for the player and the Celtics, and according to ESPN, this means that in the best case, he will be able to return for the second round of the playoffs. That is to say around April 30, fifteen days after the start of the playoffs. The conference semifinals are scheduled to begin May 2.

In the meantime, Boston will try to finish as high as possible in the Eastern Conference, while avoiding overshooting Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart. Under the panels, it is Daniel Theis who will ensure the interim.

Robert WilliamsPercentageBounces
SeasonTeamGMMinimumShots3 pointsLFOffDefEarlypdpartyIntbpCTPoints

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