Robert Williams III is still a fan of high altitude slaps, Stephen Curry can attest to that


Who says NBA match says small compilation of the most beautiful actions of the night. We ? We add our comments to put a little spice to all this. Come on, let’s go for the Top 5.

  • Jaylen Brown doesn’t need teammates, he manages everything on both sides of the pitch.
  • Derrick White blows up the spin move and the and one. Even he doesn’t seem to believe the ball is in.
  • Stephen Curry is a very sick episode 78653.
  • Robert Williams III continues to play volleyball with the Warriors who dare to enter the racket.
  • Baby Face concludes its masterclass with a Curry sauce floater.

Well, that’s all for this Top 5 but we’ll see you next time for a new condensed show to watch together. Until then, have a good day everyone!


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