Rob Pelinka reveals real reason for Russell Westbrook’s trade

At first glance, Russell Westbrook arrived in Los Angeles to form a huge Big 3 with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and thus compete with the Nets. But obviously, Rob Pelinka had another idea in mind when setting up this XXL exchange.

After the first days of competition, the arrival of Russell westbrook in Los Angeles was called by some « a failure ». It must be said that the leader took a long time to take the temperature at the Lakers and he sometimes played in a fairly obvious setback. This also explains his many losses of ball during the first meetings of the season.

But as every time since his departure from Oklahoma City, Mr. Triple-Double has adapted, and he is now giving satisfaction, both on the field and in the locker room. The proof, following the injury ofAnthony davis, it is he who has called inside to cheer him up and support him in the first stages of his rehabilitation. No doubt, the Lakers do not regret this expensive exchange with the Wizards.

Russell Westbrook came to the rescue of LeBron James!

If the first steps are interesting, it is especially in the playoffs that the impact of Russell Westbrook will be able to be measured… On his performances, obviously, but also on the state of freshness of Lebron james ! Indeed, in the last episode of “Backstage Lakers”, the immersion series offered by the team’s channel, Rob Pelinka explains the real reason behind the arrival of the leader this summer.

We mounted a huge trade off in the offseason to recruit another designer. We know for a fact that LeBron James is moving towards his 19th season and then 20th, and we couldn’t rely on him as the sole driving force behind the team. We brought in Russell Westbrook to bring another dimension to the squad, with experience, shooters, and defensemen.

Russell Westbrook did not necessarily come to form a Big 3 to compete with the Nets, but rather to relieve LeBron James, who is no longer able to carry a team for 82 games… The problem is that the plan is already fell into the water with Anthony Davis’ long injury the last days. Russ is going to have to be an effective lieutenant for the King, and he’s fit for the role.

Russell Westbrook was supposed to be the man who relieves LeBron James in the regular season, he will ultimately be the one to replace Anthony Davis injured in the hierarchy. In both cases, his presence is necessary in this very special season.

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