Right after the loss, LeBron laughed out loud on a viral tweet

The Lakers are losing streak, but it seems that LeBron James has kept his good humor. The four-time champion was even seen having a good time on Twitter, recently! This is called being relaxed in the face of pressure …

It was certainly only the preseason, but we can not say that it was particularly reassuring for Lebron james and his Lakers. In six games, the Californians have not been able to pocket a single victory, even taking a few jerks in the process. On top of that, the new Big Three he is training with Russell westbrook and Anthony davis is not yet bearing fruit, the alchemy not yet being developed.

One might therefore think that the King would be worried about the performance of his team… But obviously, it would seem that this is absolutely not the case. On the contrary, we quickly found the winger on social networks, after the loss to Sacramento. He notably had fun on Twitter, cracking his belly on a meme involving his former teammate Alex Caruso:

Alex Caruso presenting his plaque of honor to Austin Reaves

A member of the Pourpres et Ors a few months ago, the Bald Mamba packed his bags in the offseason, joining the Eastern Conference and the Bulls. He left LA fans fondly remembered, however, establishing himself as a tireless blue collar and Staples Center darling. However, he could therefore have found his successor in Austin Reaves.

Austin Reaves, Alex Caruso’s successor to the Lakers?

Not drafted this summer, the young fullback has thus managed to find a place in the angelino roster, to the point of greatly impressing his coach Frank Vogel. With just over 7 points (35% behind the arc) and almost 3 assists per game during preparation, he even managed to get rid of the Mac McClung phenomenon, which was cut. He notably signed 10 points against the Warriors, a sign that he can be a very useful option in scoring, off the bench. Above all, he does not balk at the task, which is always well received.

Besides, all this did not escape LeBron himself, who had been rave about his new teammate recently. The Chosen One knows it, he’s going to need everyone this year if he’s going to get his fifth champion ring. If the rookies do their job well behind the scenes, it will be of great help to the veterans of the squad. In these conditions, developing a good collective spirit will be easier, which is essential to reach the Grail.

LeBron James does not seem more concerned than that for the moment, and takes advantage of the few opportunities that remain to him to have fun on social networks. Hopefully his confidence is not damaged by a bad start to the Lakers season!

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