Rex Ryan: « Never compare me to Robert Saleh »

The former Jets coach still doesn’t mince words.

The Jets are not going strong. The offense lost its rookie quarterback to injury, and the defense conceded 175 points in four games. A disaster.

And help will not even come from outside and from the elders. Rex Ryan, the former Gang Green coach who took the team to two back-to-back AFC Finals, took advantage of his stint on an ESPN podcast to express any harm he thinks about the club’s current management. And obviously the former coach does not like his current counterpart very much.

“What I see is that the defense is abysmal. It’s a horrible defense. […] Everyone has a million injuries. I remember playing with five corners missing. It never looked like this. We were fifth in the league in defense that year, ”Ryan said according to SNY.

“This guy is supposed to be a defensive guru. I heard everything about this one, and I take it personally. What I heard is that this guy looks like me, but without the bad sides. Well, you have to have a bit of bad luck anyway, because this team plays heartlessly. This is what disappoints me. Never compare me to this guy, this Robert Saleh. « 

“Four out of five years the 49ers have finished bottom in their division,” Ryan continued. “He’s still going to finish last, but he’s used to it. So for me, it annoys me to say that this guy, his background looks a lot like mine. Not at all, not at all… Stop telling New York fans that he’s going to be like me, a defense oriented guy. I knew how to handle a rookie quarterback. And I’ve never had my butt kicked like that, in four games. I never made excuses for myself, and I never put a product like that on the ground. « 

Good atmosphere. Apparently, the two men do not know each other. But Saleh is not against a discussion.

“I never met Rex. I’ve never spoken to Rex, ”Saleh replied on the Michael Kay Show. “If it’s a personal matter for him, he knows where to find me. « 

The current coach of the Greens was not surprised so far.

“Nah, I’m not surprised. He always has something to say. « 

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