[Revue de Presse-Pros] Bale: ‘Messi will like MLS’ (BT Sport)


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young retiree, Gareth Bale had a rich career. An essential player in Real Madrid’s European conquests, the Welshman nevertheless preferred his short stint in Major League Soccer under the colors of Los Angeles FC.

“It’s much calmer. If you lose to Real Madrid, it’s like the end of the world. You are crucified. You feel depressed. You come home and you’re not happy, judged the ex-winger for BT Sports. They are a little more accepting of losing. There are no consequences. You can’t be relegated there. When you lose a game, you move on to the next one. They are much more accepting of losing. They know how to lose, but they celebrate every win like you won the championship. It is sure that Messi will appreciate. »

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