revolt against the salaries of the mascots, better paid than the female stars of American basketball

The disclosure of certain exorbitant salaries of NBA mascots is making people cringe in the women’s league (WNBA), where the stars are largely less well paid.

The information could make people smile or give some ideas of a vocation. But the publication of the enormous salaries of certain NBA team mascots did not amuse at all in the WNBA, the North American women’s basketball league. A marketing agency and sponsors of American women’s sport was thus offended by the publication of this information highlighting significantly higher salaries for mascots than for star players in the league.

Earlier this week, the American site Hoops Addict revealed that « Rocky The Mountain Lion » (« The Puma ») pockets 625,000 dollars per year, or more than 52,000 dollars (52,800 euros) per month. He is slightly ahead of Harry The Hawk, mascot of Atlanta ($600,000 annually, $50,000 monthly) and Benny The Bull (Chicago Bulls) completes the podium with $400,000 annually. Go The Gorilla (Phoenix Suns, $200,000 annually) and Hugo The Hornet (Charlotte Hornets, $100,000 annually) complete the Top 5 of this ranking for an average NBA mascot revenue estimated at $60,000 annually.

The highest paid players receive 230,000 euros annually

Rocky’s salary is thus significantly higher than the top 3 of the best paid WNBA players who earn 228,094 dollars a year (230,000 euros). American Diana Taurasi (Phoenix Mercury), basketball legend with her three WNBA championship titles and five consecutive gold medals at the Olympic Games (in addition to three world titles), shares this first place with Jewell Loyd (Perfumerias Avenida ) and Breanna Stewart (Fenerbahçe) located at levels far removed from Rocky and his peers.

« The pay gap between mascots and elite female athletes tells you everything you need to know about how the sports industry values ​​women, » the Goal Sports founder said. defines itself as the first marketing agency for women’s sports.

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