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Did you miss the ice cream? NHL 21 offers you plenty!

Each year its new iteration of sports games. FIFA, NFL, NBA and of course ice hockey with NHL. This new version of NHL 21 confirms what its predecessors have started and changes the recipe enough to justify its purchase by fans of the sport. But let’s be clear, if you have NHL 20, this might not be the most necessary purchase. It’s a bit like the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11: the changes are there and so are the improvements but is it really worth checking out? Answer below.

NHL 21 opens with a touching tribune from Russian player Alexander Ovechkin, the Washington Capitals left winger and headliner of this version. The 35-year-old hockey player talks about how he was inspired to play hockey, lucky to be able to find his place and how he in turn inspired the new generation of puck athletes.

Credit: EA

As before, the game begins with the configuration of the controls. We go from the ultra simplified for the neophytes with the controls of NHL 94 to more complex controls which make it possible to control each player. It is once again very thorough and we feel that the developers are hockey fans above all. We feel a real passion transpiring just through the choices that are given to us.

Then comes the main menu and again a choice, that of selecting the modes that you want to pin to find them as soon as you launch the game. Of course, you can find the others elsewhere but it’s a good idea if we know that we will especially do quick games, online or participate in the career mode again very advanced.

During the matches nothing really changes and that’s a bit our grievance. Apart from even more precise controls, the sport itself has not changed and we play matches similar to last year’s version. The only difference is that it will be possible, depending on the version you purchase, to enjoy a free update to the next generation versions. Beyond that, NHL 21 remains an NHL game. Fans will be delighted, fans who buy a version every 5 years too, for the others, it is better to wait some time before a new leap both in terms of graphics and in terms of gameplay.



  • An always effective recipe
  • The many options and game modes
  • The electric atmosphere during matches

The lessers

  • Few changes in the end

Final note

6 / 10

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