Reverse Retro uniforms available in NHL 21

The craze for new uniforms gripped the NHL a few weeks ago when footage from the series Reverse Retro began to circulate on the web. For those who missed this episode, these are alternative uniforms designed for NHL teams.

Yesterday, we learned that the NHL 21 game, produced by EA Sports, had included the new uniforms in its last update,

Those who pick up the game from now on will be able to take a look at the new set of jerseys available. Those who have bought the game since its release and have already started playing it are not left out: they can download a patch, an update of the game, which will allow them to have access to all the new features, including the use of the new jerseys.

This patch allows us to answer a question we asked ourselves about several teams: what colors will the rest of their uniforms be? The breeches, the gloves, the helmet, the stockings, name it!

Obviously, the Canadian is leading the way in terms of the number of hours of sleeplessness spent wondering about the color of the equipment that comes with the new jersey. The famous blue sweater.

Rather than putting on panties and a red helmet, which would have respected the main theme of the series, that of inverting the colors, the CH will be all dressed in blue. The blue breeches and the helmet of the same color, which are normally used with the team’s red jersey, will be reused.

You can see in one of the photos below what Shea Weber will look like on the ice with the Canadiens’ new look.

What do you say about it? Personally, I’ve been waiting for a blue uniform for the Glorious for so long that I promised myself not to criticize the details that I don’t like once the results are revealed.

So far, I keep my promise. At the same time, it’s pretty easy to do it when you love the job that has been done. Hoping to continue to see the CH be creative over the next few years!

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