Revel. Foot (French Cup): USR qualified without playing

IN TOULOUSE. – Sunday August 28: Revel beats Lardenne 3-0 by forfeit.

US Revel football has not yet finished with its preparation matches for the Regional 2 championship that an official competition was taking place: the Coupe de France. The Lauragais were to enter the running for the second round, on the synthetic lawn of the Lardenne sports complex in Toulouse. The club evolves in Departmental 3, the level below the Revéloise reserve. Qualification seemed more than accessible against locals who had qualified in the first round following Auterive’s withdrawal. This time, they are the ones who forfeited.

The Revélois will start the competition in the third round during the weekend of Friday 9, Saturday 10 or Sunday 11 September.

Deprived of this Sunday cup round, initially scheduled for Friday 26, the Revélois still looked for a last minute friendly opposition.

Colomiers 2 (Regional 1), who came to win 2-1 on Wednesday August 17, agreed to play the game by receiving in turn the USR. However, they warned beforehand that the club being in final preparation, there would be players from the flag team aligned (National 3). The previous Friday, the Revelois had drawn a friendly match (3-3) for the reception of Haut-Minervois, playing in Regional 3 but the Lauragais were not afraid of the challenge. The difference in level got the better of the good intentions, the Revélois having lost 3 to 0 (score acquired at the break).

The last friendly match will be the reception of Saint-Juéry, this Friday September 2 at 8 p.m.

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