return to sport for health reasons with Mooven in Montpellier

Returning to sport and motivating yourself after an illness can sometimes be complicated. The Maison Sport Santé Mooven in the Celleneuve district of Montpellier is there to support those who want to resume physical activity for health reasons. It is possible to follow the sessions by videoconference or in their premises.

Interview with Chloé Zaffuto who is a teacher in adapted physical activity in this Maison Sport Santé in Montpellier.

How does this Maison Sport Santé work?

It is open to all populations who wish to come and take care of their health. The goal is to offer them physical activity programs adapted to their needs and specificities and allow them to practice in complete safety with teachers in adapted physical activity.

What audience is targeted?

It is aimed at people who have gone through pathologies, people who are sick, who are undergoing treatment, who are at the end of treatment or who wish to resume physical activity after a pathological passage. It is also for people who want to break sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity. It is aimed at people who wish, at some point, to take care of their body, but in such a way as to have benefits for their health, future or current.

Does it have to be advised by a doctor? Do you need a prescription?

Today, adapted physical activity is carried out on medical prescription. However, we can also accommodate without a prescription at first, since the first step in the support at Maison Sport Santé is the completion of an initial interview where there is no need for a medical prescription. It is a question of making a health sport balance sheet then of ensuring the follow-up behind. It can be of two types.

The first is to come and practice in our Maison Sport Santé in Montpellier, where you can register and come and enjoy adapted physical activity sessions. The second, the support is 100% digital. We offer physical activity sessions by videoconference. You will be able to join a support group that pursues the same objectives as you.

What type of exercise?

We don’t work on specific exercises. We really look at what is the purpose and the objective that we have set. And we work with you on endurance. We work on cardio-respiratory, we have activity sessions that are extremely fun, but there is not necessarily a particular sport. You come to practice a physical activity that will be varied.

Is it chargeable?

On the face-to-face, we will start a subscription at 30 euros per month and which will allow you to come and practice at least twice a week. Social Security does not yet support adapted physical activity programs. But do not hesitate to get closer to your mutual health insurance which has reimbursement policies for health sport and adapted physical activity which can be interesting.

More information on the Mooven website.

Mooven's physical activity room is located in this building, in the Celleneuve district of Montpellier.
Mooven’s physical activity room is located in this building, in the Celleneuve district of Montpellier.

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