Report: we discovered the new look of Porsche!

Since the 918, Porsche has adopted a new lighting signature made up of 4 elements surrounding a central optic. Signature found today throughout the range, from the 911 to the Cayenne. But all that will change! Porsche recently invited us to Weissach to experience and try out their latest lighting technology!

4 elements, day and night

With its new technology called HD-Matrix, Porsche says goodbye to the central optics and further strengthens its light signature with 4 elements, day and night! And strengthen, it’s an understatement! Indeed, each headlight includes a total of 32,780 LEDs! 16,384 in each of the two lower parts and 6 in the upper elements. A special layout that allows the brand to develop new features.

Features Galore

Thanks to the information coming mainly from the central camera, but also from the chassis, the navigation and the infrared camera (optional), this technology is extremely efficient. In addition to following the road, it detects other vehicles very precisely to avoid dazzling them. On the motorway, it also illuminates the lane on which you are traveling more and, in the event of work, displays the exact width of the car, mirrors included, on the ground. Handy when you have to overtake a truck.

It illuminates well!

All these features, we were able to see them in action! Inevitably, 32,780 LEDs, it lights up well! As for the features dedicated to fast lanes, they will most certainly reduce eye fatigue on long journeys. But the most striking thing is the width of the light beam which significantly increases visibility.

Soon across the entire range, starting with an SUV…

If Porsche has developed this HD-Matrix technology, it is not to install it on a single model. Indeed, the 4 luminous elements can be placed in different ways while offering the same functionalities, and this from the 911 to the Cayenne! Precisely, it is more than likely at the time of the facelift of the latter, which is expected in 2023, that we should see the application of this technology for the first time.

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