Rent an electric Porsche for 2 days? The new concept of the Sport brand

What if we told you that going away for the weekend, going to events, or simply having fun with a Porsche was more accessible than you thought? And yes, we have to admit, we have all dreamed of driving one of the models of this brand of sports car. So to make our wishes come true, Porsche has created its loan concept for 48h of the car of your choice. No, you’re not dreaming. We tested the concept, and as much to tell you that wandering the streets of Paris at the wheel of a Taycan Sport Turismo it is rather pleasant.

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Why we will love renting a Porsche for 48 hours

Renting a Porsche is much more than renting a small car for our daily trips. With the new Porsche Drive short-term rental service, take the wheel of the model of your dreams and live the Porsche experience at your own pace. 718, Panamera, 911, Taycan, Macan and Cayenne are at your disposal for an intensely sporty drive, charged with emotions. If we’re going to love testing the Porsche Drive experience, it’s because the sports car brand offers a unique test drive. Depending on your wishes, it offers a Porsche Drive road-trip experience service. The idea? Various regional tourist circuits offered by your Porsche Drive Centre. Thus, you roam all over France and discover magnificent historical sites at the wheel of the car of your dreams. This experience can also be a gift to your bff who has always dreamed of living a star life driving a sports car thanks to the Porsche Drive gift card. Thus, you give her the opportunity to choose the car that makes her fantasize for an exceptional trip.

We ? We definitely fell for the electric Taycan range. Although discreet in its noise, it certainly does not go unnoticed. From Fashion Week to the most beautiful restaurants in the capital, we experienced Parisian luxury as it should be. And if we liked the Porsche Drive experience so much, it’s for the brand’s entire service. If you opt for an electric car, you will be given a charging card as well as the battery so that you can plug it in absolutely anywhere, even at home. The team will also be available to advise you and provide you with all the help you need during your loan. Clearly, renting a Porsche for 2 days is giving yourself the life you deserve.

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