Renovations: the Blue Jays unveil new images of the Rogers Center

We’re just under three months away from the Blue Jays’ home game of the season. And let’s say right now the Rogers Center is not ready to host games.

Why? Because stadium renovations are underway.

Journalists who cover club activities have been invited to visit the facility in Toronto. In addition, models were also unveiled.

And as expected, the customer experience will be much better.

The dimensions of the outfield fences have not yet been determined, but it is known that the relievers will be closer to the fans during the game.

We also know that the capacity of the stadium will increase from 44,750 to 41,500. But as we can see in the following video, it will be very beautiful everywhere in the ball park.

Everything will be completed on the sidelines of the start of the season. It will be interesting to see the stadium renovations in real life in Toronto.

After all, improving the customer experience is never a bad idea.

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