Rennais Stadium. We know the causes of this sluggish start to the season

With two defeats including one at home against Lorient who struggled to maintain last season, two draws against teams in numerical inferiority and only two home victories including one against a promoted player, Stade Rennais made a slow start to the championship. And this, even if it was much worse last year because after six days, Rennes had only five points, against eight at the kickoff of Auxerre, and pointed to a worrying 16th place.

The fact remains that with the quality of the game displayed last season, the gleaming transfer windows which follow one another and the stated podium ambitions, even if it is lip service, we expect better from the Rouge et Noir of Bruno Genesio, best coach of League 1.

So what are the areas for improvement of this team?


The SRFC must first be more efficient. “I think what we lack is commitment in both surfaces to be more effective. We have a largely insufficient efficiency ratio compared to what we do in the game. Indeed, Rennes is one of the teams which gets the most chances, which shoots the most on goal, for an insufficient result: eight goals in six days of Ligue 1. For example, Martin Terrier shot 22 times on goal, framed four times and scored twice.

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Positions and races

This efficiency problem is the consequence of a game that is less fluid, less hard-hitting and therefore less dangerous. Rennes create fewer imbalances and their shots or actions do not often put defenses and goalkeepers in danger. « We have to do better technically, but for that we have to do better in our positioning to avoid unnecessary runs and to be more efficient in the two penalty areas », adds Bruno Genesio.

It’s not a problem of effort, the shopping is done, the calls too. But often wrongly. “We even make too much effort, inappropriate, useless effort in areas where you don’t need to go. Offensively, we end up with several players in the same playing space, so that staying in the initial position would bring us width, better occupation of the field, better fluidity. That’s what we have to work on. »

The environment must regain its grip

Bruno Genesio points to placements and races that affect the fluidity of the game. This game combined in one touch, which he likes so much which is struggling to set up this season after having seduced France football and panicked the counters . It is also the fault of the midfielders inside. Flavien Tait and Lovro Majer, the custodians of the game, do not have the same superb, nor the same influence. Same thing for Benjamin Bourigeaud who weighs less. The lack of automation is not an excuse not with these players. It is not the system or the organization that are in question, but the players. Genesio once again points to the structure “I talk to them a lot. I think a lot of our problems come from a positioning that is not always rational on the pitch, which means that we are less fluid when we have the ball and which creates imbalances when we lose the ball. »

The reception of a newly promoted is an opportunity to correct all this before challenges of another caliber where Rennes will have to have regained its effectiveness.

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