Renault Group and Castrol celebrate their 100th Formula 1 race

Renault Group and Castrol will celebrate an important milestone in their collaboration at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix marking their hundredth Formula 1 Grand Prix together. The two Alpine F1 Team A521s will feature a dedicated “100 races” logo on the engine cover and another new “Renault recommends Castrol” on the rear wing, strengthening the partnership between the brands.

Castrol has been the official lubricants supplier to the team since 2017 following Renault Group’s return to Formula 1. For nearly five seasons, Castrol has supported the activities of the Alpine F1 Team by designing advanced lubricants that help improve efficiency. and performance today while developing those for the race and production cars of tomorrow.

bp and Castrol have been supplying advanced fuels, engine oils, transmission and hydraulic oils, greases and brake fluids, as well as a range of high performance industrial lubricants to the team’s technical centers in Enstone and Viry-Châtillon since 2017 .

Outside the circuits, Renault Group has chosen Castrol as a global after-sales service partner for engine oils and lubricants through a range of Renault-Castrol joint brand products. These allow Renault customers and dealers around the world to benefit from cutting-edge technologies from the track.

The two companies are also working together to explore future collaborations in the evolving mobility sector.

We are much more than a simple badge on the car by being official partners. Renault Group’s ambition for Alpine is to be the best Formula 1 team and we share this vision at Castrol. We are delighted to celebrate this milestone together with Renault Group and we wish the team the best for this race weekend.


This weekend marks an important milestone for Renault Group and Castrol, two leading brands with advanced technologies. More than just a number, 100 Grands Prix represent the maturity of our partnership, which allows us to push back the technological limits, both on Formula 1 circuits and on the roads. I send my best wishes to Fernando and Esteban for the race!


Castrol and bp have been very important loyal partners for a hundred races. We are proud of our partnership which has contributed to major technological and performance milestones that greatly influence our adventure as a team. Together, we signed our first podiums and our first victory. We look forward to a bright future encompassing innovation, vision and new successes. Beyond the circuits, we are proud to pass on the benefits of these innovations to the many users of our production cars of today and tomorrow.


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