Renard did not have time to take it easy

Olivier Renard became sports director of CF Montreal less than a year and a half ago, and we can already feel that he has placed his mark on this team which is in the process of becoming his.

Arrived on September 28, 2019, the Belgian has multiplied the good moves to gain the confidence of the supporters who finally see the beginning of a real sports project, which has long been lacking in this team desperately in search of an identity to the point of change name.

Renard did not have time to take it easy on his arrival since it was he who finalized the arrival of Thierry Henry as head coach, following the steps initiated by the president, Kevin Gilmore.

He pulled off his last shot amidst the tumult of the Impact’s change of identity by handing over Maxi Urruti and his heavy contract to Houston on Monday in return for center-back Aljaz Struna.


In the Miami and Nashville expansion draft, Renard parted from the previous two-season left-back Daniel Lovitz, who left for Tennessee.

It was undoubtedly the right thing to do since after having demonstrated many beautiful things, the American rear seemed to have leveled off during the 2019 season.

Renard hit the nail on the head when he sent center-back Victor Cabrera and a general allowance sum to the Houston Dynamo in return for Romell Quioto in November 2019.

Cabrera had never managed to establish himself as a reliable starter, while Quioto got kicked out of Houston in the behind due to problems on and off the field.


However, Renard believed in the chances of the Honduran settling in Montreal and relaunching his career.

During a conversation between two planes bound for Florida last winter, he insisted with the representative of the Newspaper to say that he trusted Quioto, with whom he had had a healthy conversation, before completing the transaction.

A year later, we can easily speak of theft on his part. Without one of the best deals in club history.

While Cabrera played less than 1000 minutes with the Dynamo, Quioto became the Impact’s offensive locomotive, having his career best season with 8 goals and 6 assists in 19 games, which earned him the title of Player of the League. club year.


The year 2020 began with the case of Nacho Piatti, who wanted to return to Argentina. Renard negotiated his transfer and got Emanuel Maciel, a young midfielder who has shown promise. Meanwhile, Piatti no longer plays at San Lorenzo.

He acquired veteran Victor Wanyama, who is the cornerstone of the midfielder. But his best catch is the young English center-back Luis Binks, 18, who has adapted very well to MLS and who fits in with the club’s new philosophy.

With that in mind, he got his hands on left-defender Mustafa Kizza, a 21-year-old Ugandan who is expected to start this season, and acquired 18-year-old Nigerian striker Sunusi Ibrahim, another draft.

Before Christmas, he acquired Canadian defenseman Kamal Miller from Austin and promising young Chicago midfielder Djordje Mihailovic.

The only downside at the moment is the acquisition of Mason Toye, which has disappointed.

Leaf road by Olivier Renard


  • Daniel Lovitz (D) traded to Nashville for $ 50,000 in general allowance and $ 50,000 in targeted allowance.
  • Victor Cabrera (R) traded to Houston with $ 100,000 in general allowance for Romell Quioto


  • Transfer of Calgary Cavalry’s Joel Waterman (R) to Canadian Premier League
  • Signature of Steeven Saba (M), Luis Binks (D) and Victor Wanyama (M)
  • Ignacio Piatti transferred to San Lorenzo, Montreal receives Emanuel Maciel (M)
  • Acquisition of Mustafa Kizza (D) via transfer
  • Evan Bush traded to Vancouver for 2021 3rd round draft pick
  • Acquisition of Mason Toye of Minnesota for $ 600,000 in general allowance and a 2nd round pick in 2021
  • Signature of Quebec defender Zorhan Bassong
  • Acquisition of Kamal Miller (R) of Austin for $ 225,000 in general allowance and a 1st round pick in the 2021 draft
  • Acquisition of Djordje Mihailovic (M) from Chicago for $ 400,000 in general allowance in 2021 and 2022, and $ 200,000 in conditional general allowance
  • Signatures of Academy players: Jonathan Sirois (L), Tomas Giraldo (M), Keesean Ferdinand (D), Jean-Aniel Assi (M), Sean Rea (M), Nathan-Dylan Saliba (M), Rida Zouhir (M)


  • Transfer of Nigerian striker Sunusi Ibrahim, 18
  • Trade of Maxi Urruti and a 2nd round pick in the 2021 NHL Draft in Houston for Aljaz Struna (R) and a place as a foreign player in 2021

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