Rémy Josseaume, the expert in road law

NEWS – Regular columnist of our publications, the lawyer specializing in road law publishes a reference work on this subject which fuels mass litigation.

If there is a lawyer who is well placed to write this type of work, eagerly awaited by the entire judicial community, it is Rémy Josseaume. He has been practicing this subject on a daily basis for twenty years and has been training lawyers at the Paris Bar for several years, i.e. 100 to 300 lawyers per session. He also leads the commission of the Paris bar. With 700 to 800 cases per year, road law no longer holds any secrets for him. All these years have not weakened his enthusiasm and his attachment to defending the unbearable. Unlike common criminals, the motorist or the biker is always presumed guilty. These populations face only derogatory and exceptional procedures. Under these conditions, how can road users defend themselves and assert their rights? What are his remedies?

Written with his colleague Jean-Baptiste Le Dall, this 500-page block, embellished with 1,400 footnotes and summaries of case law, could well become the bedside book for a wide audience as litigation related to law road explodes: PV without arrest (on the fly), excessive speeding due to the limitation to 80 km / h on the majority of the secondary network, consumption of narcotics …

26 million offenses

The two lawyers decipher a matter which has become very complex which brings together criminal, correctional and administrative law. This very educational book sheds light on questions that can affect everyone. Each year, the State notes 26 million offenses, collecting in the process more than 1 billion euros in revenue and withdrawing nearly 13 million points on driving licenses. For limited effectiveness in road safety, as the Court of Auditors recently recalled in a report. The number of road victims is no longer falling. Proof that it is time to change doctrine. The insecurity organized in cities like Paris and backed by the government is not likely to reassure us.

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