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Through Anand Murty

Facebook: more together – Cricket

As a child, I hated cricket with a passion. I was pushing Navratilova very hard just to annoy my parents as they sat glued to the television. I sucked at gambling, but insisted that I be included when the kids in the colony got together. They said I could be the « goalie » and made me stand under a tree. This job brought it all back, made me laugh at myself, made me smile, and made me think of my dear Taproot friends who worked on the campaign and smile a little more. A beautiful job does that – random connections, weird memories, smiles galore, and the annus horribilis that is 2021, seems a little more bearable.

Cadbury: #GoodLuckGirls

We are descending on the path of nostalgia! The original remains iconic. While some people call it “Stadium” advertising, it has always been “Shimona” to me. And when I was 10, I watched it on TV, it made me want to get up and do a little jig myself. The revival allowed people to talk, debate, react, tweet, pontificate on the theme and timing, and revisit the original. I would say mission accomplished! And it’s a universally recognized fact, but Ogilvy only masters the craft. The little moments, the little changes of expression, the music, the setting – it all comes together beautifully.

Cadbury: not just a Cadbury ad

Ogilvy and Cadbury have consistently built to place a mark of chocolate in the hearts and sweet moments of the average Indian. And this is yet another example of getting the job done smoothly, effortlessly, and efficiently. Shah Rukh Khan urges you to shop at your neighborhood store; SRK buying mishti for the holiday season – there’s no way it could have missed the mark. This and Gaurav Gera doing the wonderful ‘Rachna Aunty’, talking about a soan papdi overdose, made me make sure everyone had a box of Celebrations instead.

Unacademy: teach them young people

I’m not a parent, but I’ve seen and heard enough to know that parenting is like walking on eggshells, every day, over and over again. Recognize how children feel; give them perspective when they need it; don’t overdo it; guide without breaking; let them see for themselves instead of being the sage in the room. And teaching young men not to be fools while still being firmly rooted in a culture and society that still terribly undermines women is more difficult. So, getting execution for saying the right things and doing it gracefully is a difficult task. But Unacademy and Mullen do it wonderfully.

CRED: Rahul Dravid

Take the ‘one-minded benefit’ (secondary note for those occasions when people want to test four PMEs in 30 seconds. Uh, lol), finish it in the first five seconds or so, and spend the rest amplifying the game. the wackiest way possible. Now it is rare. This work is bright and fun to watch, and deserves to be featured simply because it sparked the biggest tidal wave ever on LinkedIn. The number of polls, theses, opinions, counter-opinions and fulminations was mind-boggling, to be honest. In addition, the number of start-ups wanting “CRED-type” work in their memories is a question of legend in 2021.

The author is responsible for strategy, DDB Mudra.

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