Reigning Olympic volleyball champion, Brazil come back from nowhere to overthrow the best enemy, Argentina

the Brazil comes from very very far! Reigning Olympic volleyball champion, world first and big favorite to his own succession, he was pushed to his limits by his stubborn best enemy, Argentina.

Badly returned to their match, the Seleçao had even lost, quite widely, the first two sets to find themselves back to the wall, a set of a heavy defeat (25-19, 25-21).

But from experience, the Brazilians returned to the match to tear off the next two sets and force Argentina to play a decisive set at daggers drawn (25-16, 25-21)

A last set, oh so tense, which finally fell into the hands of the Brazilians (16-14) despite a huge Bruno Lima on the Argentine side (26 points scored).

the Brazil was very, very hot but finally came out and compiled a second success after his initial victory (and in three sets) against the Tunisia. For argentina, it is a painful stop after the great success against the Russia at the start of the tournament.

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