Regional football 3: Mas-Grenier has refined everything

Difficult to miss this observation; our departmental club presidents, young and old, seem more and more to strive for excellence.

At Mas-Grenier, Bernard Labroue, the man who has known everything successfully within the Greens, is a true symbol, he who has been pulling his club upwards for several seasons, surrounded by a team of managers to which user-friendliness and efficiency seem to be the basic credo in order to keep its basic values: « We are going to strive to maintain a spirit of cohesion, as well as the famous living well together, in order to start the season well and be fully prepared from the first official Coupe de France matches (Le Mas will host the neighbor Larrazet / Garganvillar during the first round). « 

Nothing has been overlooked in this regard. The boss specifies: « We have, in fact, planned a weekend of cohesion and fun on August 13, 14, 15, in the Hautes-Pyrénées (Arreau / Lannemezan), in which around twenty players will participate supervised by coaches and surrounded by leaders. « 

Something to dream of at this level of competition; enough to allow house coaches Thierry Bégué and Yannick Latour to continue the good momentum given during (the short) season to the Masean group.

Stability having reigned during the offseason, we expect the men of Bernard Labroue on the front of the stage. Note the appreciated presence as vice-president of Jean-Philippe Combrié, former captain of the MFC version division 3 national.

Offseason movements

Departures: Mathieu Serrres (higher education in Réunion), Romuald Baillet (move to the Lot).

Arrivals: Corentin Leclerc (ex-Pibrac Salies Mane), Thomas Lecuyer (ex-MFC TG), Corentin Ozkurt (ex-La Nicolaïte), Amadou Sadio Ba (ex-JS meauzacaise), Matthias Bona (ex-Savenès / Verdun).

The workforce

Goalkeepers: Damien Magnau, Vincent Triat.

Defenders: Malik Abgrall, Christophe Bilheran, Hervé Hoarau, Jean Roques, Gaëtan Mauri, Marvin Gisbert, Jonathan Pierresteguy.

Environments: Thony Pezat, Bastien Labroue, Stephen Sopetto, Adama Sene, Mohamed Khedjam, Valentin Latour, Tristan Begue, Amadou Sadio Ba, Corentin Leclerc, Thomas Lecuyer.

Attackers: Yohan Pochat, Anthony Courdy, Fabien Cravero, Alexandre Yakich, Lucas Tisne, Nasser Adechokan, Corentin Ozkurt, Omar Merimi.

Coaches: Thierry Bégué, assisted by Yannick Latour (seniors 1), and Romuald Garcia, assisted by Simon Marin (seniors 2).

Preparation matches

Wednesday August 18: Saint Nicolas.

Monday 23 August: In Pavia.

French Cup: Mas-Larrazet / Garganvillar (Saturday August 28 at 8 p.m.).

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