refreshed, Royan-Vaux will try to take points on the ground of Nueillaubiers

The arrival of three players could change the game. Valentin Do Rogeiro (return to the club), Rehan Rayani (21, central defender from Canada) and Alex Guehi (21-year-old striker from Granville in N2, passed as a youth by AS Roma) will undoubtedly be on the score sheet this Sunday, January 22 (3 p.m.) on the ground of Neuillaubiers. A fourth player on trial comes from the American college championship.

“Stability and quality”

These arrivals give rise to serious hope in the club. “We are not on the street, continues Pascal Laidet, especially since in the game, we support the comparison. Two victories and our championship is relaunched. Knowing that our future adversaries are within our reach. »

The coach continues: “The recruits are there to bring us more stability and quality. The players needed to see that efforts are being made. Either we left the workforce as it was, or we brought additional elements to the team and we tried to save ourselves. So we had no choice. There are 15 matches left, including 2 times Nueillaubiers, 2 times Rochefort.

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