Red Bull doesn’t have the same rivalry with Ferrari as it does with Mercedes

Red Bull enjoys a more respectful face-off for the World Championship in 2022 compared to that of the previous season, according to team boss Christian Horner.

Last year, the Red Bull team’s duel with Mercedes, with Max Verstappen tussling with Lewis Hamilton, was one of the most intense in Formula 1 history.

Horner said Verstappen and Red Bull are enjoying the new battle with Ferrari and Charles Leclerc much more than when they pitted them against the German team and the seven-time world champion.

“Our match with Ferrari takes place on the track and not elsewherehe told Eurosport. There hasn’t been a lot of politics and bullsh*t with what’s going on off the track. »

It’s a jab that is clearly aimed at Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, who told Paul Ricard ahead of the weekend that Hamilton could finally have a car to play for the win.

“They made claims before the weekend, Horner added. But Max was able to control that quite easily. I heard that Toto said they were working over the summer break to improve the car. Of course, that would be illegal! »

For now, Verstappen is only fighting with Leclerc. Horner said Red Bull is much happier to fight Ferrari this year.

“Here are two extremely competitive teams that respect each other. We go against each other in every race and there is a real respect between the drivers and the teams, which is good to see.underlines the Briton.

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