Red Bull boss confident before catching up on Ferrari

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The 48-year-old manager points to the fact that Ferrari began its development much earlier than the Austrian team. The latter being fully focused on the fight for the drivers’ title until the last race:

I think they (Ferrari) started this project much earlier than us, so to some extent we are catching up. But the fact that we are catching up by being the second fastest team is encouraging.

He continues on the development process:

We are beginning to understand some of the issues we have. I think it’s all part of the development and evolution of these cars. As we learn more about the tires and the performance of the car, it gives you direction in the development.

Despite the reliability problems, the performance of the single-seater reassures the boss of Red Bull for the rest of the championship:

I think in the first races we had a very good development direction for the rest of the season.

In short

The director of Red Bull, Christian Horner, explained the delay in development suffered by the Austrian team compared to Ferrari. If the race for the 2021 title has slowed down the development of the 2022 single-seater, the Briton remains confident given the pace of the first Grand Prix To be able to make up for this delay.

Teddy Coppey

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