Reception in Maâmora in honor of the national futsal team

The national futsal team won the title by defeating their Iranian counterpart in the final with a score of 4 goals to 3.

In a speech for the occasion, the president of the FRMF, Fouzi Lekjaa, congratulated the players and the staff of the national team for this achievement which comes to consecrate the influence of the national elements at the African and Arab level.

He indicated that the national futsal team, which has dominated the discipline on the Arab and African scene and won the confidence of Moroccan fans, must continue its pace to assert itself on the world stage.

Mr. Lekjaa added that the national team is on the right track thanks to the efforts made by the players, the national technical framework, Hicham Dguig, and the medical staff, adding that the influence of the national elements imposes greater pressure on them and responsibility, because the expectations of the Moroccan public now go beyond victory in the African championship and the Arab Cup.

The satisfaction of the public and the Federation with the level reached by the national elements and the results they achieve testify to their capacity and performance, he explained, noting that there was agreement and commitment with all the components of the national team that after their exploits in the African championship and the Arab Cup, it is necessary to concentrate entirely on the next World Cup to reach the final square and join the club of the big ones.

He specified that “today, we have a model of success for the national teams of the young categories to imitate. The national futsal team wins titles because it works constantly, that’s why I invite the managers of the teams under 15, 17 and 20 to make more efforts to reach this level”.

The president of the federal authority called on the technical director of the national teams of the young categories to call on Hicham Dguig to present his successful experience and his working method in order to draw inspiration from his experience and expertise.

He also renewed his commitment to make available to the national team all the means to achieve the expected objectives and meet the expectations of the Moroccan people.

For his part, Hicham Dguig expressed his joy at winning this intercontinental title which will strengthen the position of Moroccan futsal at continental and Arab level, in particular against an opponent who is well ranked at world level and has been grabbing this championship for years. years, in addition to playing in the semi-finals of the World Cup.

He emphasized the fighting spirit of the players during this competition, in particular those playing in the national championship who took part in this experience for the first time, knowing that the national team played its first match against Thailand without its international elements after the organizing committee advanced this match by one day.

The national futsal team had reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup which took place in 2021 in Lithuania, thus signing a historic feat at Arab and African level.

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