Recall for the Lamborghini Huracan

Not being able to open the door of your car and sit behind the wheel, it could look like a gag. But that’s what awaits the owners of a few dozen Huracan EVO and STO assembled from May 2 to 9. Indeed, on these cars, Lamborghini has spotted a problem in the fixing of the cable that goes from the driver’s side door handle to the door opening system. Thus, insufficiently taut, this cable no longer allows the driver’s door to be opened.

In the United States, the only country where, so far, this operation has been launched, Lamborghini indicates that 21 Huracans are concerned. Their owners will therefore be contacted directly by the manufacturer in order to have the opening mechanism of the left door modified.

In France, we probably easily count on the fingers of one hand the number of Huracan EVOs and STOs that came out of the chain during this period. To date, the brand has not informed the European authorities of a similar recall on our continent. But if you are one of these happy motorists, do not hesitate to contact your dealer so that he can check if your car is affected by this recall that Lamborghini reference L62X-R.03.22.

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